3 Signs You Have A Mobile Device Management Problem

3 Signs You Have A Mobile Device Management Problem

If you’re focused on business growth, productivity, and customer service, then the chances are that your employees use mobile devices at work. However, while mobile devices offer many benefits to small business owners, they can cause problems if you don’t manage them properly. An insufficient mobile device management policy can lead to data breaches if they’re not appropriately secured.

In this post, we’ve listed some signs that all is not right with your mobile device management, and you need to address them ASAP!

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1) Employees Install and Use Apps from Unverified Sources 

Most small businesses don’t have good mobile management policies in place, and if they do, the team only focuses on data protection. Employees use their own devices when using apps from other sources such as chat groups and websites like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. When using these social media channels, there’s no way you can ensure employees will use them following company policies for personal and work-related activities.

Employees need access to an app store that provides verified third-party programs, while management can install essential apps directly through an integrated approach. You can also ensure security by installing data protection and security apps to ensure that no data breaches occur when employees are working from home.

2) Employees Leave their Smart Devices Without Activating Lock Screens in Public Places 

When you are at a coffee shop, you notice how many people sitting at tables around you use their devices. Almost everyone in the room is likely preoccupied with something on their device, and it’s straightforward for someone to take advantage of this situation by walking away with an unattended phone or tablet.

The best way to avoid this scenario is by taking advantage of remote lock screen software, which will keep your employees protect their devices even if they forget to activate the feature themselves when leaving their smart devices behind. You can also choose from apps that allow users to control security features like location tracking, so you know precisely where all employee-owned devices are located at any given time.

3) Employees are Still Using Older Devices

Not upgrading to current operating systems means that employees miss out on security updates that protect their devices. Using outdated operating systems can also lead to compatibility issues with certain apps or software that you may need in the future for business purposes. This is one problem that should be addressed sooner rather than later – before it becomes a severe issue.

Mobile Device Management Solutions Are Necessary for Today’s Workplace

Employees who work remotely require access to essential files and information. Enabling employees to connect using personal smart devices quickly brings flexibility into your workforce. Still, security concerns must be considered when allowing outside use of company-owned tools/equipment. A solid mobile device management solution will enable employers to take advantage of the latest technological advances without worrying about a data breach or vulnerable cyber security.

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