Why ELDs Fail (Part 1)

Why ELDs Fail (Part 1)

Transportation and distribution companies deploy mobile technology to remain compliant with federal regulations.  With technology to track the amount of federally mandated hours a driver can drive, vehicle location and engine diagnostics, ELDs are a critical component of a trucking operation.  Understanding those capabilities makes it easy to see how drivers rely on their ELD several times each day.

ELD malfunctions, failures and diagnostic events are bound to happen.  Failures occur when the driver uses low-quality mobile gear along with insufficient mounting and protective casings.  Additionally, inefficiencies plague systems that have not been optimized for use and have limited mobile device management solutions.

Utilizing the Wrong Gear

Finding a vendor to supply tablets is not an issue when it comes to ELDs, as most people simply call their mobile carrier sales rep.  The problem is that mobile carrier sales reps typically do not have domain expertise in the trucking software market.  This means that the mobile carrier sales rep often offers the “promotional or free tablet” that can come equipped with sluggish processors and limited memory.  This results in slower run speeds, delays for the driver when they are using the ELD system and a shorter lifespan of the device.  

Although a free tablet my seem enticing to the budget-conscious business owner, it is imperative to focus on quality when selecting a tablet for powering an ELD.  What does quality mean when it comes to equipment selection?

  • It is certified by the ELD provider to run the ELD application
  • It has adequate memory and processor specs
  • It is inherently rugged or can be ruggedized
  • It has options to remove non-essential applications

Integrated Communications suggests using Samsung tablets for ELD applications.  Samsung has a long history and proven track record of supplying superior performing tablets for ELD systems. Samsung’s equipment is almost always certified by software providers to run their ELD applications. It offers impeccable performance capabilities, processing data speed and is customizable to each client’s needs.  

Reach Your Potential with Integrated Communications

Integrated Communications understands all the hurdles with acquiring, deploying and supporting mobile technology.  We know how time-consuming and stressful the process can be for those who don’t know all the device’s intricacies and applications. Most consumers aren’t using their ELD to its fullest potential, meaning there are ways to optimize and make your workflows even more efficient. 

Failures with ELDs can happen.  However, you can limit your exposure to failures by utilizing the right ELD gear and management solutions. Integrated Communications is an industry leader in tablet-based electronic logging device deployment and management.  We KNOW we can save you time and money when it comes to ELDs.  You can count on us to help support and manage your new field mobility deployment.  Reach out to Integrated Communications today at [email protected] or (877) 647 6288.