Let Us Help You Save Time & Money While Giving You Peace Of Mind When It Comes To Deploying Mobile Technology To Your Drivers Or Technicians

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Running A Transportation & Distribution Business Requires Reliable Mobile Technology

You Need A Reliable Mobility Partner That You Can Depend On So You Can Focus On Higher Priorities

Home, Integrated Communications
Home, Integrated Communications

Running A Transportation & Distribution Business Means Struggling To Manage Your Team In Connecting With Your Customers & Suppliers

You Need Ongoing Technical Support So That You Can Focus On Higher Priorities

Don't Do It Alone; We Take The Guesswork Right Out Of The Process

cost savings - Integrated Communications

Mobility Cost Savings

We can help you save 25-40% on mobility costs by implementing our proven cost-saving strategies. You no longer have to waste your valuable time and money trying to figure it out on your own.

Dependable partners - Integrated Communications

Dependable Partners

Since 2004, we have been helping companies just like yours source, simplify and support their mobile technology. From procurement to planning to post-deployment support, we do it all just for you!
Swift transitions - Integrated Communications

Swift Transition

One of our core values is “Urgency is Essential.” We move fast so you can move fast. Our turnaround time for projects is pretty tight, and that’s because we have been doing this so long we almost have it down to a science.

As Your Business & To-Do List Grows, You Can Easily Simplify Your Workday By Allowing Us To Handle All Things Mobility Related.

We Have Been There, Done That – And You Can Skip The Hard Lessons By Partnering With Us

Technology provided - Integrated Communications
Provided mobile technology to thousands of drivers and technicians.
15+ Years of experience - Integrated Communications
We are field mobility experts with 15+ years of experience
Multitude of partnership - Integrated Communications
We have a multitude of partnerships to create the right end result for you.

We Save You Time & Money While Taking The Guesswork Out Of Sourcing, Simplifying, & Supporting Mobile Technology

How To Get Started

Discovery call - Integrated Communications

1. Discovery Call

We will have a call with you to understand what’s important to you, where you are today, and where you need to go.
custom built solution - Integrated Communications

2. Custom-Built Solution

After getting a deep understanding of what’s important to you and where you need to go, we will build and deliver a proposal that aligns our capabilities with your desired outcome.
We run with it - Integrated Communications

3. We Run With It

Now that you have trusted experts with your mobility project, you can focus on your business because that’s what counts.

Here's What Some Of Our Customers Are Saying...

Veriha Trucking

Dave and Rob from Veriha Trucking sit down to discuss their experience with Integrated Communications. They tasked us with taking their ELD mobility project from concept to completion, and we delivered for them.

Carolina Tank Lines

Tim from Carolina Tank Lines discusses the reasons why they chose Integrated Communications for their ELD deployment.  Sometimes it’s more than the solution being sourced, core values are important too.

Preferred Meals

Kevin Frey from Preferred Meals shares his thoughts about why they chose to partner with Integrated Communications to source, simplify, and support their mobility project.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    For more information about our services and estimate, call us on 877-647-6288
    We are based in Raleigh, NC but have a nationwide reach and focus.
    Yes. We offer mobility staging, kitting, and mobility management services to multi-site transportation, distribution and field service companies. We simplify mobility for businesses by collecting sourced components, configuring, building, bundling, and optimizing them for their team, so they don’t have to.
    When it comes to deploying mission critical mobile technology, the 3 “rights” make a huge difference. The right mobile devices and gear, setup the right way and managed the right way.
    We care. Not that we are saying that the other guys don’t care. Our mission is to ensure your drivers or techs have the absolute best experience with the mobile technology you put in their hands. That experience is paramount to retention of those team members.

    We Are The Only Mobility Partner You Will Ever Need, & Our Mission Is To Simplify Things For You, One Mobile Device At A Time

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