Mobile Device Management (MDM) Software

Mobile Device Management Software, also called “MDM” and “lock down software” is known for just that…a software for locking devices down from personal use and abuse. MDM software offers so much more. Not only can it prevent the use and abuse of applications like Facebook, Youtube, Netflix, etc., it provides complete management of these devices giving visibility into location, data usage, installed applications, etc.

MDM software is a tool that will also allow you to manage, control and update your mission critical mobile applications for your field workers. When an application update is needed, MDM will allow you to do it with ease, preventing chaos experienced by those who have chosen not to use MDM software. Using MDM to manage updates removes dependency on a driver or technician to manually perform complicated application update steps. Without MDM, an application can easily be uninstalled, an update missed, a device stolen, and your company and customer data exposed. We offer a simple and hassle-free way to manage your mobile devices and can even manage them for you.

Our mobile device management (MDM) software helps secure phones, tablets, and other devices in your company. We will discuss your mobile management needs, and after a thorough evaluation, source devices that fulfill those requirements. We also offer ongoing support to ensure the smooth flow of communication in your business.

At Integrated Communications, we have more than 15 years of experience, during which we have provided mobile management solutions for thousands of companies. And we can help you with the same. Contact us today to learn more about our device management software or get a free quote on our services.