Here at Integrated Communications, we care about your driver and tech experience with the technology they are required to use. If a driver or tech is happy, or at least not mad because the technology is doing it’s job, it means we’ve done ours. Now, we can’t make the drivers and techs love ELD, POD or the field service software you use, or that they are mandated to use it. What we can do, is give them the best possible experience with mobile technology because its mission critical.

How did we get so good at creating a great experience? Well, we’ve been in the mobile communications space since 2004, when Chris Saunders founded the company. He’s the guy who’s face you’re seeing in all the videos. Then in 2016, when the ELD mandate was announced, and trucking was required to go electronic, Chris jumped in headfirst. See, trucking and blue collar are in the blood of Chris and Integrated Communications.

Today, Integrated Communications serves all blue-collar markets because we know just how hard you guys have to work in the field and your technology should be make your lives easier, not harder. Having deployed thousands of units to across the country, we know what works and what doesn’t. We know what you should be using and what you shouldn’t. We know how to set it up to run the right way. We also know how to manage it all to keep the wrenches and wheels turning. This applies whether you’re a trucking company, HVAC technician, plumber, electrician, or delivery driver. At the end of the day, you need a solution that is reliable day in and day out because the American economy is riding on your back.

Integrated Communications will source, simplify and support a reliable, proven solution for you and your people.