Mobility Management Services

You’ve deployed your mobile assets, now what? How do you manage them? What is the process for device replacement? What are the steps to do a fleet-wide application upgrade? Who will monitor your data plan billing to ensure that your users aren’t abusing your mobile devices? Want to know the answer? We will. That’s right, we can take all of these things and more right off of your plate with our Mobility Management Service. Our Mobility Management Service includes the following:

  • Order and activate your mobile devices with your mobile carrier.
  • Monitor and manage your data plans.
  • Manage your mobile device management (MDM) policy.
  • Manage device repair or replacement process.
  • Manage and deploy spares pool as needed

The right ongoing management is as important as the mobile devices or how they are configured. Without the right ongoing support and management policies, costly challenges can arise quite often. Our mobility management services are designed to overcome these challenges.

Things get risky when your devices are stolen or misplaced. But with our mobility management solutions, you can keep track of your devices, even remotely. This will help you focus on your business instead of supervising mobile devices individually.

Of course, it is not always easy to implement new solutions in your company. But as our name suggests, we offer a seamless integration of mobility into your company. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you manage your mobile devices.