4 Reasons Why Your Business Can Do Better With Mobile Device Management

The utility of hand-held electronic & digital devices is growing at an alarming yet positive rate for small & medium enterprises because they’re such a comfortable fit; practically a command station in your pocket. Mobile devices allow for more flexible & innovative applications in the office & out in the field. Via devices, one can inventory stocks, check customer orders, collate documentation & analytics from data traffic, etc.

The only downside is that mobile devices are vulnerable, can get stolen or compromised. That’s where mobile device management comes in to save the day. It’s fast, secure, and cost-effective. That’s what makes the whole endeavor so feasible for small to medium enterprises! So, if you are looking for insights into mobile device management for your company in Houston, TX, here are a few solid reasons shared by Integrated Communications.

1. Heightened Security

Doing business over unsecured, everyday mobile devices is not feasible if one manages a fleet of semi-autonomous workforces in the field. Customer data security is sacred and can make or break a business if breached by a competitor enterprise. MDM software & platforms encrypt your company’s devices and maintain confidentiality no matter where your employees’ access or update the data. If a device is lost, remote locking, locating, & device wiping capabilities come into effect with the touch of a button. The system also protects against malware & breaches.

2. Cost Containment

There was once an age when joining an enterprise meant you could get devices from the office already configured for data encryption. With MDM, it doesn’t matter whether you have a tablet, a mobile phone, or a laptop; you get linked to the cloud management platform, and your device is secured, ready to work! The company saves millions in costs, and employees can reap the benefits with high pay grades!

3. Efficient Operations

Since MDM is centralized, there is no need for a bespoke IT dept catering to devise issues at various outposts. The connected devices are remotely managed for updates, policy changes, & software settings from one command station or dashboard. That way, new hires get a consistent experience of the security settings, add-ons, upgrades, & features, without having to expend on standalone software. Devices are managed via asset tracking, secured, can get added or removed when an employee debuts or switches to another job.

4. Adaptive Platforms

With MDM, you don’t need a specific device to fit the job, a mobile phone will do just right, and mobiles can be linked to the laptop or a tablet. You, as the user, are instantly plugged in to resume your work from anywhere, be it mobility, marketing, sales, or operations. We are a generation for whom hand-held device usage is as intuitive as breathing, so a new hire need not necessarily be oriented to get the hang of working via an MDM cloud platform. And suppose you have performed small-time, using Google apps or Microsoft. In that case, Integrated Communications will expand your business’s horizons even further by developing a unique MDM for your operation’s requirements, ready-to-go on all mobile devices!

We have been developing & providing secure mobile management platforms for numerous small & medium enterprises for over a better part of a decade. While our customer support is available at all times to help deploy, troubleshoot & orient our MDM clients, the endgame is that you as the business owner have complete autonomy and confidentiality in managing your operations via our turnkey solutions.

Integrated Communications is right on your case if you need a far more powerful upgrade of your business mobility operations. Get in touch with us in Houston, TX, and secure a free consult with our developer team!