7 Reasons Your Truck Fleet Requires Turnkey Mounting Solutions

Truck fleets are expensive investments for any business, requiring a lot of upkeep. Thus, you should ensure that your vehicles are up-to-date with all of the latest technology. Turnkey mounting solutions are an excellent value addition; Integrated Communications shares some reasons below to convince you to get a turnkey mounting solution for your company in Los Angeles, CA:

  • It is an innovative mobile technology;
  • You’ll be able to keep track of your drivers via GPS;
  • You’ll never have issues with Wi-Fi or service interrupt;
  • You can focus on core business, knowing your vehicles are securely mounted;

However, there is one problem…

Many drivers spend hours waiting for cargo to be unloaded onto loading docks or in backyards during deliveries. This not only wastes valuable trucking time and fuel costs, but it can cause frustration among customers that may lead them to seek out competing services down the road.

In the trucking industry, many drivers face dangerous situations daily. The problem is that mobile devices can distract them from driving.

We have seven reasons why turnkey mounting solutions are so crucial for truck fleets:

1. Safety

Machinery that is not securely mounted can cause injuries to employees if it falls over or tips over. The workers will be safer if they don’t need to climb up and down from the trailer all day long.

2. Efficiency

Mounting the equipment quickly means that you can move on to loading other trucks in your fleet more quickly.

3. Reliability

If something goes wrong with one of your machines, you won’t have any downtime while you try to fix it!

4. Saving on repair costs

You save repair costs by making sure tools are properly stored.

5. Work-life balance

Employees who use the equipment installed on their trucks can get their jobs done faster and spend more time at home with family or doing other activities.

6. Productivity

Since employees are getting their job done quicker, their productivity will increase.

7. Damage control

A lack of mountings increases the risk of damage to the machinery and the vehicle. Protect your company’s assets from losses or thefts by turnkey mounting solutions.

8. Low maintenance cost

The mounting system also helps protect your equipment from wear and tear. Thus, lowering your maintenance cost.

The Gist

Mobile turnkey mounting is essential because field mobility provides stability for your mobile assets depending on how a device is mounted and charged. There is no such one-size-fits-all approach to mounting. You must have a customized system after analyzing vibration levels, stop volume, preferred installation method, etc. Evaluating the environment, use case, and vehicle type are also essential for optimal results. If you require ride tracking, mobility checking, or proof of delivery for your company in Los Angeles, Integrated Communications got you covered with 15 years of industry experience. Get a free quote to get the best products and services.