Field Mobility As A Solution In Enhancing Construction Productivity

It’s odd imagining mobile devices deployed in a field where so much machinery, heavy equipment, & hard hats are involved. Still, with considerable bounds in technology, communication, and digital integration, field mobility has taken over the construction industry by storm. Mobility spells efficiency on multiple levels of a construction project, which means higher profits on completion.

One need not be a construction foreman on-site; they can access their supervised sites via mobile platforms from anywhere in the world. It’s is a cost-effective strategy, too, as logistics costs are avoided through field mobile access.

Integrated Communications provides bespoke mobility-as-a-service solutions for automotive, manufacture, transport, construction, to even marketing & warehousing needs. Here are a few ways field mobility devices can enhance your construction projects.

Robust Team Collaboration

Field mobility devices improve team communication because site workers can report scheduling milestones without lengthy delays. All privileged site workers can remain updated with extensive construction data through secure channels, making field mobile devices ideal for overseas, coordinated construction projects.

Real-Time Data Availability

Aside from robust communication channels, mobility solutions also cater to a better workflow & task analysis as the project progresses. With access to real-time data on project deliverables, material logistics & procurement for the construction site, workers’ data, and daily fulfillment of objectives via field-mobile devices, unnecessary communication delays are avoided, and contingent decisions are better delegated. Filed mobile devices also facilitate the payroll system for site personnel as hours are logged appropriately. This further makes the performance appraisal system for site workers & supervisors transparent.

Instant Information Sharing

Construction contractors might miss out on the hiring company’s critical data with off-site construction projects in poor network coverage locations. Traditional construction methods had to be designed with contingent periods or delays. Still, with Integrated Communications’ mobility-as-a-service, your contractors can receive data anywhere in the world on their dedicated devices. Critical data is bulked and sent offline for retrieval on the reception of signals.

Enhanced Productivity

Field mobility enhances individual productivity as site managers and workers can better coordinate day-to-day tasks on-site installations, steel erections, and payload deliveries. With mobile solutions, unnecessary manual data entries are avoided, and robust project management software allows workers to update deadlines and task completions. Field mobility enables a degree of autonomy and shared responsibility to construction contractors, managing tasks on time.

Company-Wide Integration

The best part about mobility-as-a-service, or field mobility devices, is that it can adapt and merge with existing company ERP to provide a non-disruptive deployment & seamless workflow right from the start. Think of field mobility as an extension of your company’s ERP, except that you can carry it with you and utilize it via secured channels. There is no more hassle over payrolls or project timelines as mobility clocks the time spent on the tasks and allows for real-time analytics across the company.

The installation costs of field mobility are worth it, given the return on investment as businesses benefit from the streamlined process company-wide. The future is set to adapt to field mobility, and your time is just precious, so invest in our outstanding & widely applicable integrated communication solutions.

Integrated Communications are your go-to experts on turn-key solutions guaranteed to cut unnecessary logistics, information & coordination costs. We are actively developing customized solutions for many clients in Dallas, TX, and have garnered success along the way.

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