Field-Ready Devices

At Integrated Communications, we focus on eliminating points of failure in the field. One of the most common points of failure is mobile devices. One of the main reasons is because the wrong mobile devices are put in the hands of field workers. It’s easy to purchase the “flavor of the month” smartphones or tablets from your mobile sales rep, but if they are not suitable for the environment they are purchased for, failures in the field are a high probability.

Our enterprise-grade device solutions fulfill your business needs while also offering secure communication over networks. Moreover, these devices will also help to improve the end-user experience. Achieve all these benefits and more by partnering with Integrated Communications for your mobility needs.

We only recommend proven and reliable devices. Why? Because mobility is mission critical and if it is a failure for you, it’s a failure for us as well. Drivers and technicians use it to navigate their day, navigate to their assigned stops and navigate their way through curve balls such as canceled service calls and damaged product. Our OEM relationships run deep, so we know what device is right for your environment and end user. The right device combined right setup along with the right support will set you up for success. Contact us today to learn more about our field-ready approach to deploying mobility to your company.

When it comes to field applications, consumer-grade devices also lack the ‘ruggedness’ to withstand on-the-go usage. For all these reasons, you should go for enterprise mobility to boost your company’s safety and productivity. Contact us today to learn more about your options when it comes to enterprise-grade devices.