How To Increase Productivity In Your Company With The Latest Mobile Technology

Businesses nowadays have seen how their strategies have changed significantly throughout the years. This transformation has been made possible thanks to the rapid integration of technological capabilities, allowing for automated tasks while making business processes more efficient.

Mobile technology used to be a trend not too long ago but has now become the forefront for many companies today. In fact, mobile connectivity and communication have both changed the way employees go about their daily activities.

Almost half of the world’s population today uses mobile devices to communicate. Meanwhile, businesses are trying to make the most of this opportunity by promoting their offerings through this channel.

As business owners, you should make certain that your employees can have the best experience possible regarding the handheld communication gadgets they use on the job. This is particularly important given that blue-collar professionals are in short supply and turnover rates are at an all-time high.

So how can companies remedy this situation? It can be done by ensuring they use their mobile devices the right way.

At Integrated Communications, we follow a philosophy that we call “GSM,” which stands for the right gear, setup, and management. The goal of GSM is to give your mobile workforce the best possible experience with their gadgets.

Here’s what it means:

Using the Right Gear

Providing your workers with the right communication devices is integral if you want them to work effectively. These employees can accomplish more than those who don’t have the proper tools.

For instance, you might want to equip your truck drivers with gadgets that can be mounted inside their vehicles or supply your plumbing technicians with waterproof electronics that can withstand wet environments.

You want to ensure that your workers’ communication devices match the current project’s needs.

Having the Right Setup

The right setup for your mobile communication channels means ensuring that the apps your employees should use have been set up correctly. It also refers to having the settings optimized accordingly for maximum productivity. 

For example, mobile technicians often require GPS technology installed correctly in their mobile devices to track their customers’ location accurately.

Implementing the Right Management Strategy

Finally, the mobile communications of your employees need the right management so they can be more effective and productive. You should have someone in charge of handling things such as scheduling and managing software updates, device repair and maintenance, and more.

When you have someone assigned to take charge of management, you can save time, money, and the effort of your workers by making sure everything on the back end runs smoothly.

This is what we at Integrated Communications in Dallas specialize in. We bring all of the pieces you need for your mobile communication systems in place, so you don’t have to do it independently.

We make sure you have:

  • The right gear to get the job done according to requirements
  • The right setup for your communication lines
  • The right management to fulfill your backend needs

Let us help you analyze your current communication systems, understand your goals, and recommend the right solution to keep turnover rates to a minimum while letting you get the job done effectively.

Ready to increase your productivity and ROI? Let’s get more work done in less time. Schedule a free consultation today!